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Two-Toned Hair Color Ideas For The Holidays

Article by Two toned hair color ideas offer endless possibilities for different and exciting new looks and color combinations this holiday season. Having frosted or streaked hair, no longer means having the traditional black or brown darker hair with blond or red highlighted streaks or dabs of color at the tips.

Two toned hair can mean having a bold splash of color in the front or on the top layer of your hair, and a complementary or contrasting darker or lighter shade of hair color underneath. Or, it can be the exact opposite. The look can be subtle or startling and can work for both younger ladies or more mature women. It is also a new, hot trend for fashion-wise young men and trendsetting gents.

Basic black with a hint of color is a big trend. Pinks and blues and even greens are the rages in some circles. When it comes to two-toned hair color ideas, go ahead and use your imagination! Remember, if you make a mistake, or don’t like what you’ve done, it can all easily be fixed by re-dying.

With the holiday season approaching, you can go red or auburn or burgundy with a touch of green for Christmas or Kwanzaa; try blue streaks on blond or brown hair for Chanukah; and yes, we wouldn’t want to forget Halloween, where you can have fun with orange. Anything goes, as long as it goes with you–your skin tone, eye color and your own personal style. Some people even color their hair to match their clothing or a certain outfit. Outrageous? Not any more!

If you have black or brown hair, it may need to be bleached before being dyed to achieve the exact color you want and to give your hair that bright and shiny look you love. Great combos for darker hair include black or brown and caramel, black or brown and blond and black or brown and red combination options. These colors work together to give you a flattering result for your complexion and hair color.

If you have blonde or lighter colored hair, it probably won’t have to be bleached before dying. Great two-toned color combos for fair hair, include blonde on blonde, blonde and brown, blonde and black, blonde and pink and blond and purple or light blue.

The process of creating two-toned hair color is not a simple one. It’s always a good idea to visit a professional hair colorist if you want it to be done right the first time. Certain colors may be more difficult to penetrate the hair shaft than others and may require that the hair be bleached before application. There are many variables to consider when thinking about two-tone hair color ideas, such as hair color, hair texture and hairstyle, so make sure you get it right by going to a professional hair colorist.

If you want to turn heads and have a happy and colorful holiday, try one of these two-toned hair color ideas today.