Hi everyone! I hope your weekend is off to a good start. I decided to start doing more of my “favorite” products. I myself am a huge fan of reading posts like that so I hope you are too! Today I will share with you my top 15 MAC eyeshadows. I own quite a few so in the future I can do a full collection perhaps. We shall see! Anyway, above is a photo showing you how I store my MAC eyeshadows. I like to keep them sorted by color family to stay organized. Most of my favorites are housed in the “Neutrals” palette.

Top 15 MAC Eyeshadows


My most used black eyeshadow. I use this color for many different purposes but mostly for eyeliner or defining the outer V. It blends really well and has become a staple color for me everyday.


This is in my top 15 for two main reasons. One reason is because I love this for my eyebrows. It’s the perfect color to use if you have a blonde hair or even light brown hair. I fill in my brows many different ways, but this always looks the most natural I feel like. The other reason is that this works great as a blending & transition color.


This is a new addition to my collection and I am so glad I went with this color over some of the others I was looking at. This shade is described as perfect as a neutral medium brown. I know a lot of people like this for their eyebrows (with darker hair than mine) and this is my new favorite for my crease. This shade is so versatile and works with a multitude of colors. I mostly wear neutrals & bronzes, but this works well with grays & silvers too! I highly recommend this shade if you are looking an awesome crease color. Just because it looks super boring in the pan don’t let that fool you!

Double feature 4

I love this medium/yellowish/brown shade. It looks almost mustardy in the pan but it works so well with my green eyes. I really like this as a transition or crease color. I usually wear this shade when I am going lighter on the eyes. This color is similar to MAC Outre which I am regretting not picking up a few months ago in Vegas. Ugh! This was limited edition and unfortunately I can’t get it out of this 2×2 packaging. If anyone can help please let me know! It is really glued in snug.

Satin Taupe

Probably one of many people’s favorites. It is a beautiful shade that is a cross between taupe/brown/plum. This was one of first MAC eyeshadows and I use it often! It works great as a lid or crease shade.


This was my 1st MAC eyeshadow purchase! In the pan it looks almost red and harsh. YET, when applied it is awesome. I love using this color to warm up a neutral or bronze look. It adds that “little something extra” when I apply it to the outer V. It also brings out my green eyes!


This was a shade I bought and loved, then completing stopped using it. Then, I saw it used in a YouTube video and I was like ooh I have to try that again. I have been using it a lot ever since. It a purple/brown almost mauve looking on my skin. It looks great as a crease color and blends well too. It’s definitely one of those shades I haven’t seen a lot of dupes of.

Jealousy Wakes

This was a limited edition shade designed by Christine @ Temptalia. It is a beautiful shade of emerald and I love wearing this on my lower lash line. It really makes my eyes pop and spices up the look! Make sure to check out the story behind how she created it…so interesting!


This is your standard bronze eyeshadow and it leans warm/red toned. I would recommend this to folks who are just starting to get into MAC eyeshadows. You can’t go wrong with this shade, and you can complete a look just using this if you wanted.


I believe I read this was discontined but don’t have the details on that. I bought this just a few months ago at a MAC store and no one said anything about it going away. Anywho, this is a great shade. In the pan it looks very similiar to Bronze but it’s not! This is more a true gold which has the warmth but stays more in a mix of bronze & brown.


This shade doesn’t get a lot of love! It probably looks super boring in the pan and I know I skipped over it a few times. This color is a soft champagne beige. I wear this almost everyday as a lid color. It doesn’t add a ton of color but the little it does add really helps get my eye look started!


Not sure if this one is discontinued too, but this is a great red toned brown. I don’t use it a ton, but it works well if you are doing a smoky bronze eyeshadow. I pair this a lot with Antiqued as both shades bring out my eye color.


Another shade I think that needs more love! It’s described as a taupe and I work say it is, but it the champagne beige tone is strong in it too. This is an excellent lid color and I would highly recommend it for all eye colors!


I like this eyeshadow for just a soft wash on the lid, or as a highlight shade. I do use shimmer shadows for highlights sometimes, but I prefer a matte shade usually. This color is nice because it’s neutral and doesn’t lean too white. (side note: this isn’t a MAC shade but Urban Decay Foxy is another excellent brow highlight shade and it’s a soft beige yellow!)

All That Glitters

I was debating what to pick for my last shade and I ended up going with this. I will admit I neglected this color for awhile before started to use it. It really is a great everyday lid color and works well with light eyes. This is one of those MAC eyeshadow starter shadows for sure. (note: I love this as a lid color with MAC Mythology in the crease!)

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