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Shades Of Blonde Hair Color

There are more and more people who choose shades of blond hair color in order to look more appealing and hip. There are a lot of shades of blond from light blonde to dark blonde. Here we are going to help you choose the right shade for you. We are going to present to you the most common shades of blonde and tell you what you need to make them work.

Platinum blonde

This is the lightest color of blonde with a bit of silver in it. It is a classic color but very hard to obtain on your own. There are a lot of chemicals involved in the process which is why you must be careful or you will damage your hair. The color of your skin must be light for this color.

Honey blonde

This shade of color is one of the most popular among people. You can wear it in any season and it will look good. It works if you have light brown hair. It is also often used because it is very easy to maintain.

Dark ash blonde

This shade of blonde look perfect on people who have an olive skin tone. If you have this skin color and light colored eyes you will look perfect with this color. If you have hazel eyes you should reconsider because it will not suit you, you will look good with dark blonde instead of this one.

No matter what shade of blonde you choose you should know that they are not easy to obtain, if you color your own hair you already know this. When you buy hair color the result is never the one you see on the box because the girls you see were colored by professionals and photoshopped by photographers.

Most women choose to color their own hair in blonde and they often get an unwanted result because they do not know how to do it right. If you have the time you should go and consult a stylist, he will know what color you need and what shades will look good on you.

In addition to coloring in the salon, you need home care, and here you need sunscreen for lightened and colored hair, which will smooth out the protruding cuticles and create a protective layer on the surface of the hair, which will protect the curls from burnout and washout of color.

Yellowness can only be handled by special tonics and best purple shampoo for blondes.

There are a lot of shades of blonde hair color but you only need the ones that look good on you. Before you choose a color look at the color of your skin and eyes because it is very important. After you color, it make sure you take care of it because blonde hair colors need a lot of care and attention.