Hair coloring

Non-Permanent Hair Color

The decision which women have to make between non-permanent hair color and permanent hair color is sometimes difficult. Some of them choose to have their hair colored permanent while most of them go with the non-permanent hair color. It is best to choose a hair color that does not stay on your hair forever because you will save your hair from a very chemical treatment and you have the possibility to get rid of the color in about six weeks if you do not like it. Another reason which you should not choose a permanent color is that you will spend weeks to get to the color you want if you pick a one that is darker or lighter than your hair.

Achieving the color you want can be very hard and sometimes impossible which is why the non-permanent hair color is the best way to go. This way you have the chance to fix any damages that you have done to your hair.

When you dye your hair with a non-permanent color you can get rid of it between two and thirty hair washes. It does not last a lot and it does not stick to the roots like the other one. You can use this type of hair color as a trial after which you can dye your hair permanent.

There are three types of non-permanent hair color. The first one is the is the temporary one. Most people use this one when they want to dye their hair for just a simple occasion or for an event. They usually choose vibrant colors because they can get rid of it in a short period of time if they do not like it. The second type is the semi-permanent one it lasts longer than the temporary. With the help of this color, you can add darker shade to your color. The third and last type of non-permanent hair color is the demi-permanent hair color. It can last up to seven weeks and it contains a substance called peroxide.

To sum up most people who use non-permanent hair color want to color their grey hair. They do not want to choose a permanent color because they do not want to risk having to deal with a color that they do not like and because they do not want to damage the hair more than it already is.