INOA Hair Colors

One of the new trends in hair colors is the INOA hair colors which were manufactured in order to replace the dyes that have ammonium in them. Women have dyed their hair for many years and it is one of the many things that give them pleasure. The reason why women use hair color is that they want to show out their personality.

As you well know hair colors contain a substance called ammonia. This substance is the main ingredient because without it the color will not stick on the hair. What it does is open the hair fibers so that the hair color molecules can enter and thus coloring your hair. Even though this substance is very effective it also has a downside. It has been proven that ammonia damages the hair greatly and it burns the scalp because it is very powerful. All women and specialists know this but they still do it because women want to look good no matter the cost.

Professionals have come to the conclusion that something needs to be done in order to stop the use of ammonia in hair dyes so they came up with INOA hair colors. It is said that INOA is a hair dye which does not have ammonia as an ingredient. The hair will look healthy and shiny after its use.

This ammonia-free hair color is not the first brand to be launched on the market. Like the others, it has a lot of downsides. Because it does not have ammonia the hair color is semi-permanent which means that you will have to dye your hair often. Another disadvantage of this hair color is the fact that it does not stick properly to the hair because of the lack of ammonia. Many stylists have said that because the hair color does not have ammonia is does not stick properly to the hair and washes easily after.

The ones who created INOA hair colors claim that the hair colors have a substance which is much like ammonia and it is called MEA. The role of MEA is to open the hair fibers so that the color molecules can enter the hair. This is something that ammonia does but in a healthier way. Now, it is up to you if you choose INOA hair colors of normal hair colors but we think that you should try them at least once and see what you think.