Hair coloring

Dark Ash Blonde Hair Color

One lighter version of brow is the dark ash blonde hair color, a combination of brown and yellow hues. This is a perfect alternative for people who can not pull off ash blonde. This version is darker but you still have to pay attention to your skin and pick the right tone. If you do not do this you can color you hair this way and look like a mess.

If you have fair skin and bright eyes then this color will look amazing on you. Also if you have the olive skin you will be able to pull it off. This color is for women who have bright eyes and cool skin tone. If you have darker eyes like brown or hazel then you should reconsider and pick another color for your hair.

When you dye your hair you should go to a specialist and let him do it because he sees the color of your hair and he knows what color combinations he has to do in order to achieve the color you want. Aside from this he will also give you professional advice on how to take care of it and what products to use.

You should know that dyieng your hair is just a part of it, the second part is taking care of it. For example, when you dye your hair dark ash blonde you should use products that will moisturize your hair. You can find them on the market and they do not cost very much. You should avoid staying in the sun long periods of time because the sun will discolor your hair. Also, during summer you should avoid going to the swimming pool because the chlorine in the water will make your color run but this is just for a few weeks after.

There are a lot of things that you have to take into consideration with the dark ash blonde hair color because it is very needy. Like all blonde hair colors, you have to pay extra attention because if you do not you will see it immediately. Do not try to do it yourself or you will end up with a color that you can not get rid of for about six weeks. The salon is the perfect way to dye your hair, here the stylist knows how to do it and what kind of haircut will go with your new look.

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