Hair coloring

Brown Hair Color

One of the most demanded hair color today is the brown hair color because it is versatile, fun and it can be worn all year round. If you do not know which shade to pick we can understand you because brown hair color has a vast palette of shades.

You should never let yourself influenced by the magazines or the women you see on the hair color boxes because you will never be able to look like them. When you choose a color you should know that the women they shoe you on the box has been dyed by professional stylists and has bee Photoshopped which means that achieving it is almost impossible.

When you are picking the color you want you should not pick one just because you like the way it looks, you should take into consideration other elements which are very important. Not doing this will guarantee you a hair disaster.

The first thing that you should take into consideration is the color of your skin. It is very important to do this because this way you will make sure that the color will look good on you. You have to determine if your skin has a warm tone or a cool tone. You can determine this by looking at the wrist of your hand. If the veins from your wrist are blue then you have a cool tone if not then you have a warm tone.

People who have brown hair and green, grey, blue or hazel eyes are part of the cool tone category. If you are part of this category you should choose colors like platinum blonde or cool brown. These colors will look amazing on you.

If you have a warm tone skin then you must have golden brown, green or gold eyes. You should definitely avoid using purple, violet or blue on your hair. The shades you should be using are: gold brown, chestnut and dark brown. These colors will look amazing on your hair.

So, if you want to dye your hair with a brown hair color you should do it but not before you determine some of the things we have mentioned earlier like the color of your skin and eyes. If you are not sure then you should go to a salon and talk to a specialist. He will know exactly what to tell you in means of color and shades.